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write a reviewYou have been on a river cruise in Europe this season? Please take a few minutes and write a review. Especially if you used the River Cruise Info App this is a great way to say "Thanks" for all the information you got for free. :)
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Space between ships when double docking

One phenomenon of the booming river cruise trend in Europe: "Double Docking" or rafting becomes more and more custom in the ports.

Webtracking for ships

I was asked on the cruise critic forum if there would be any option to include a tracker for delayed ships. Let me just post the question from last week:

Windows and Balconies

Over the last few years, there was quite a large shift in river cruising. Especially if you have a look at the ships, the modern ships built over the last decade have not much to do with the older river cruise ship veterans. Much more glass at the fascade, open areas and space. While most people do have a pretty good idead what the difference is between a window and a balcony. But can you name the difference between a twin balcony and a combined balcony?