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Netherlands & Belgium Waterways
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All rivers and canals in Belgium & the Netherlands.


The Lower Rhine, the Scheldt and Meuse Delta.

In total I counted 26 locks between Amsterdam, Bruge and Nijmegen. As the height difference from the Nederrijn to the North Sea are only 10m, they are just used to control currents and flows. The locks are designed for much larger vessels as river cruise ships, so you won't even notice them at night.

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Note: Technically a lot of cruises from Amsterdam - Basel or Amsterdam - Budapest will cruise a part of this system, but I did not include them in this category. So you'll find only the Tulip cruises here. Most of them cruise the southern part of the Netherlands, only some go across the Ijsselmeer. The typical lenght of a cruise is 7 - 10 days.
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The Netherlands - Belgium

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