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Map of Europe
Short Description
Country Map Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a federal parliamentary republic in Europe. The country consists of 16 states while the capital and largest city is Berlin. Germany covers an area of 357,021 km2 and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. With 81.8 million inhabitants, it is the most populous member state and the largest economy in the European Union. It is one of the major political powers of the European continent and a technological leader in many fields.

A region named Germania, inhabited by several Germanic peoples, was documented before AD 100. During the Migration Age, the Germanic tribes expanded southward, and established successor kingdoms throughout much of Europe. Beginning in the 10th century, German territories formed a central part of the Holy Roman Empire.[5] During the 16th century, northern German regions became the centre of the Protestant Reformation while southern and western parts remained dominated by Roman Catholic denominations, with the two factions clashing in the Thirty Years' War, marking the beginning of the Catholic–Protestant divide that has characterized German society ever since. Occupied during the Napoleonic Wars, the rise of Pan-Germanism inside the German Confederation resulted in the unification of most of the German states into the German Empire in 1871 which was Prussian dominated. After the German Revolution of 1918–1919 and the subsequent military surrender in World War I, the Empire was replaced by the Weimar Republic in 1918, and partitioned in the Versailles Treaty. Amidst the Great Depression, the Third Reich was proclaimed in 1933. The latter period was marked by Fascism and the Second World War. After 1945, Germany was divided by allied occupation, and evolved into two states, East Germany and West Germany. In 1990 Germany was reunified.

Germany was a founding member of the European Community in 1957, which became the EU in 1993. It is part of the Schengen Area and since 1999 a member of the eurozone. Germany is a member of the United Nations, NATO, the G8, the G20, the OECD and the Council of Europe, and took a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council for the 2011–2012 term.

It has the world's fourth largest economy by nominal GDP and the fifth largest by purchasing power parity. It is the second largest exporter and third largest importer of goods. The country has developed a very high standard of living and a comprehensive system of social security. Germany has been the home of many influential scientists and inventors, and is known for its cultural and political history.

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Geographical Facts
Population 81 799 000
Area 357 021 km² / 137 847 mil²
Drives on the Right
Calling Code 49
Time Zones UTC+01:00
Political Situation
Member of the EU yes
Member of the Schengen Aea yes
Official Languages German
Description None
Medical Situation
Recommended Vaccination
RoutineHepatitis B
Additional Information
Voltages / Frequency
230 V 50
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Cruise Line Cruise Name Days Total
A-RosaChristmas & New Year Celebrations15
Danube Cataracts11
Danube Christmas Markets8
Danube Delta from Bucharest12
Danube Delta from Passau11
Exploring German Christmas Markets9
Historic Cities11
Panoramic Adventures10
Panoramic Rhine Northbound8
Panoramic Rhine Southbound8
Rhine North & South10
Rhine North Tulips8
Romance on the Danube11
The Enchanting Rhine9
Waltzing along the Danube12
Ama WaterwaysBlue Danube Discovery14
Christmas on the Rhine13
Christmas Time Cruise11
Europes Rivers & Castles14
Grand Danube Cruise23
Magnificent Europe16
Magnificent Europe (Christmas Cruise)16
Melodies of the Danube12
North Sea to the Black Sea27
The Enchanting Rhine13
The Legendary Danube12
The Romantic Danube12
Treasures of the Main & Rhine11
Ultimate River Cruise21
Vineyards of the Rhine & Mosel12
Avalon WaterwaysAustrian Highlights & Bavaria9
Canals Vineyards Paris 201510
Capitals of Central Europe 201410
Capitals of Central Europe: Budapest to Prague 201512
Capitals of Central Europe: Prague to Budapest 201510
Central European Experience 201412
Central European Experience 201512
Christmas in the Heart of Germany 20148
Christmas in the Heart of Germany 20158
Christmastime in Alsace & Germany5
Christmastime in Germany12
Christmastime in Germany & Austria12
Christmastime on the Danube9
European Splendor13
Grand Christmastime Cruise16
Grand Danube Cruise18
Highlights of Germany13
Jewels of Central Europe: Budapest to Paris19
Jewels of Central Europe: Budapest to Paris 201519
Jewels of Central Europe: Paris to Budapest17
Jewels of Central Europe: Paris to Budapest 201517
Magnificent Europe15
North Sea - Black Sea Cruise24
Rhine & Rhone Revealed16
Romantic Rhine8
The Blue Danube Discovery13
The Legendary Danube11
The Rhine & Moselle13
The Upper Rhine to the City of Music12
Windmills, Vineyards & Paris10
Emerald WaterwaysChristmas Markets for Europe15
Classic Prague and Danube Delights11
Danube Delight8
Magical Rhine & Moselle12
Splendours of Europe15
Gate1 Travel9 Day Danube River Cruise9
Grand Circle TravelChristmas Markets along the Danube8
Christmas Markets along the Elbe11
Christmas Markets along the Rhine11
Essence of the Elbe13
Essence of the Elbe - President Cruise13
Grand European Cruise28
Romance of the Rhine & Mosel16
The Great Rivers of Europe16
Lueftner CruisesAcross Europe15
Beautiful Blue Danube15
Best of Europe13
Christmas Cruise from Passau7
Christmas Cruise on the Rhine7
Classical Danube Cruise8
Classical Danube Cruise (from Passau)8
Classical Music on the Danube8
Classical Music on the Rhine8
Classical Rhine Cruise8
Danube Rhapsody8
Magic of Advent - Northern Rhine Route4
Magic of Advent on the Danube7
Magic of Advent on the Rhine5
New Year's Eve Cruise on the Danube7
New Year's Eve Cruise on the Rhine8
Prague & Danube10
Short Cruise Cologne - Amsterdam4
Three River Cruise8
Scenic ToursGems of the Danube8
Grand Europe24
Highlights of the Rhine8
Jewels of Europe15
Magnificent Rhine and Rhone15
Romantic Rhine & Moselle15
TauckAmsterdam to Budapest15
Blue Danube: Family Riverboat Adventure8
Christmas Markets along the Danube8
Christmas Markets along the Rhine8
Danube Reflections10
Grand European Cruise24
Musical Magic along the Blue Danube12
The Blue Danube12
The Rhine and Moselle13
The Romantic Rhine: Basel to Amsterdam8
Uniworld Boutique River CruisesCastles along the Rhine8
Classic Christmas Markets8
Classic Christmas Markets Family Program8
Danube Discovery & Prague10
Danube Holiday Markets8
Delightful Danube & Prague10
Enchanting Christmas & New Year's Cruise11
Enchanting Danube8
European Holiday Markets8
European Jewels15
European Serenade14
Grand Christmas & New Year's Cruise13
Grand Danube & Prague17
Grand European Discovery15
Grand European Explorer19
Grand European Highlights22
Grand European River Voyage27
Legendary Rhine & Moselle13
Paris & the Heart of Europe18
Rhine Discovery & Prague10
Rhine Holiday Markets8
Springtime Tulips & the Rhine8
Vantage Deluxe World TravelChristmas on the Rhine & Main Rivers13
Cruising the Elbe River: Berlin, Dresden & Prague13
Danube Holiday River Cruise feat. Prague12
Grand European River Cruise: Rhine Valley to the Black Sea26
Holiday Markets Along the Rhine & Main Rivers10
Majestic Rivers of Europe: Castles, Cathedrals & Fairytales15
Romance of the Blue Danube11
Switzerland & the Heart of the Rhine & Moselle15
Treasures of the Rhine & Main Rivers15
Viking River CruisesCities of Light12
Danube Waltz8
Elegant Elbe10
European Sojourn23
Grand European Tour15
Grand Rivers of Europe22
Heart of Germany7
Rhine Getaway8
Rhine Rhapsody10
River of History8
Romantic Danube8
Vineyards & Vistas8