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Accidents on the Danube May 2013

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The last week we had some heavy rain in Bavaria, river levels are high (though not critical yet). However the actual situation was enough to cause problems for two river cruise ships. Fortunately no one got injured in these incidents.

First the Viking Legend in Austria, between Linz and Melk. The ship hooked up with its rear, then ran aground on the other bank of the Danube with its bow. Traverse to the current of the river, the whole Danube was blocked for several hours. The linked article contains some impressive pictures. The Viking Legend continued its journey downstream towards Vienna. Source: Kurier (german)

The Serenity first hit a railroad bridge crossing the Danube between Regensburg and Deggendorf at 2.40 A.M. as they forgot to lower the installations on the sundeck in order to pass it. This broke 60 chairs, 3 tents and caused damage to the sundeck's stucture. Source: Google Translate of Wochenblatt. While the Wochenblatt estimates the damage to be around 20k EURO, other sources (Google Translate of go as far up as 100k EURO. Just 7 hours later they hit another bridge in Regensburg while getting ready for disembarkation. This second accident caused them to lose their crane and gangway. BR report (more pictures). The gangway is found but was not recovered yet, so this means minor delays for every ship passing the Niebelungenbr├╝cke at Regensburg. The Serenity is not allowed to continue it's journey according to Idowa.