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Welcome to Rivercruiseinfo

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write a reviewYou have been on a river cruise in Europe this season? Please take a few minutes and write a review. Especially if you used the River Cruise Info App this is a great way to say "Thanks" for all the information you got for free. :)

Connecting the dots, unbiased source of information for river cruises.

A river cruise is the unique chance to discover a lot of Europe's interesting cultural sites and scenic landscapes without packing and unpacking all the time. After arrival, you just have to check in once and your hotelship is going to bring you from one beautiful town to the next one. Every day a new city waits to be discovered by you. In the afternoon and evening you can enjoy the amenities of your hotel while it passes beautiful river passages, old castles and modern locks.

If that sounds like a wonderful way to explore Europe, then feel free to start your research. Just browse the Website by countries, rivers or cities until you get an idea what you want to see during your trip. Or, if you already know about geography and history, learn more about the cruise lines, their ships and itineraries. The search engine is going to help you find THE one cruise that fits your needs by combining the collected data of 400 cities, 29 countries and 12 rivers with 20 cruise lines, 250 ships and est. 1000 departures a year.

At the Moment I provide information on cruising the Danube, Douro, Elbe, Main, Moselle, Rhine Main Danube Canal, Rhine, Rhone, Saar, Saone, Seine, Vlatva (Moldau) and the waterways and canals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Countries in Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Countries in Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia.
You can either use the top menu to navigate through the website or use the links below:

The River Cruise Blog

The Blog: For important announcements on high water, lock strikes, ship accidents or anything else having an impact on the world of river cruising. Also providing background information on the rivers and countries you are going to cruise. Last but not least, because google does not crawl the database :)

River Cruise Lines and Ships

This would be the best way to start if you want to research a river cruise and need information on the cruise lines, their cruises and their ships

River Cruise Lines: For background information on Companies, Cruises and their fleet.

Ship Index: An index of all ships included in the database.

Geography, Rivers, Countries, Cities and daily River Levels.

In case you are more interested in geographical information:

Countries: Get background information on the countries, the cities ..

City Index: An index of all cities.

Rivers: Read about the rivers, daily information on the water levels.

Shortlinks to daily River levels: Just a shortlink to bring you faster to the subpage.

Cruise Tools

As the database contains so many countries, rivers and cities, here are some tools to narrow down your choice:

River Cruise Search: In all modestiy, this is the best river cruise search on the web. A simple search just for cities, an advanced search combines cities and ships. Last but not least, you can just search for ship items.

Compare Cruise Ships: You are not sure which ship to take? Compare up to three from the database.

Write a River Cruise Reviews: Not just a plain text review, but a an automated template exactly fitting your river cruise.

Read all published River Cruise Reviews: Read about others cruises.

Review Rankings: Some rankings based on submitted river cruise reviews.

The App

The River Cruise App: So you found your trip? This is going to be your swiss army knife on the cruise: Offline maps, river levels to go, a currency calculator. And 100% for free.

Troubleshooting: An FAQ on the app.


Contact: And if there is anything else, feel free to contact me.