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Avalon Waterways

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Audio Headsets on Tour

Most cruise operators use audio headsets today. The biggest advantage they offer is, they amplify the voice of your guide (despite noisy surroundings). Maybe even more important this technology allows you to wander off during the tour, take a few more pictures, and you won't miss any information. From a guides perspective the biggest advantage is the possibility to talk while you walk. And it is easier to call your group to assemble even if they are a bit away.

Accident: Avalon Panorama hit bridge

Yesterday (May 16th 2012) the Avalon Panorama hit a road bridge while it was on its way from Bamberg to Nuremberg. According to sources, the captain did not lower the wheelhouse, while passing a bridge. The damage of wheelhouse and the ships superstructure is est. € 20.000 / $ 25.000, the bridges substructure repair costs are not estimated yet. German authorities ordered the ship to halt at the lock until the wheelhouse has been repaired. You can see how the remove the damaged wheelhouse with a crane on some of the picture sets.

Cruise Lines and other useful twitter accounts

Before I started this project, I already had multiple blogs which rest on the web cemetery. But all that time, there was one thing I never really understood: Twitter. Whats the idea behind just posting 140 letters? Btw, you might get an idea that I also prefer to call people instead of using short message service. Just recently I decided to give it a try. What I misunderstood was this: It more versatile and flexible than RSS feeds or signing up for a newsletter.