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Accident: Moselle blocked November 2012

A freighter ran aground on the Moselle close to Cochem. The river is going to be blocked until this evening (22.11.2012) ,

Google Translate of German Newspaper: Spiegel

List of Locks along the Rivers

One huge difference between an ocean cruise and a river cruise are all the locks along the rivers. Most river cruise ships are designed in such a way not to waste any space and just fit into the locks. For example the lock width along the Rhine Main Danube Canal is 12meter, so all ships can have a maximum width of 11.40m. That leaves exactly one foot of space to the right and left if a ship enters a lock. Therefore they sometimes bump into the walls, which may be very unpleasant at night. That is one of the little details most operators or travel agents do not mention.

Lock Closure on the Moselle

From today on, the locks Locks from Trier to Koblenz on the Moselle river are closed due to maintainance. It became necessary to replace several lock gates or to improve the concrete structure of the locks.

WSV Announcement June 12th (PDF)
WSV Announcement June 6th (PDF)

Begin: 2012 June 12th
End: 2012 June 19th

During this time, the Moselle river is not shipable, so all cruises from Remich down to Koblenz are affected.

Winter is over

It's just a few days until the new season starts. According to German authorities all rivers are shipable again. There might be a few ice blocks close to locks, but this is not a major problem. And though river levels are rising due to melting ice and snow, there is no threat of high water levels at the moment.