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Meta: January 2013

Here is the overview what changed this month on

- Search: The simple search is functional. Same for the ship search. The advanced search is still buggy, stay away ;)

- River levels: The site is now monitoring 327 river levels all over europe, providing one interface (text & graph). Much simpler than checking 12 pages all the time ;) You'll find a new #Tab at every river page. Click on a station name and you'll see the graph. Warning levels however are still beta.


The name patrons of the new Viking longships

Until a few days ago, just one of the 2013 names for the second wave of Viking's Longships in Europe had leaked: 'Skadi'. Now they have published the full set on their website. Interestingly, no one else thought it could be worth a few words about their mythological background. So lets have a short look at the who is who of nordic gods and godesses. Maybe that becomes a decisive point for some of you - forget about the cruise itinerary, is the name patron stylish enough?

Uniworld Countess goes to Italy

As mentioned in the last post, a lot of new rivers are explored at the moment. While most companies focus on the Rhone, Saone and Douro, Uniworld is the first that cruises the Po river in Italy. The Po river provides some problems with sediments and floodings, but on the other hand Italy is full of another beautiful church(es) culture and history.

Lock Closure Main Danube Canal 2012 / 2013

According to the 'Wasser- and Schifffahrtsamt' Nuremberg, the Main Danube Canal locks will be closed for maintenance in 2012:

Begin: 2012 April 10th
End: 2012 May 1st

Not all locks will be closed all the time, but the canal in total won't be continuously cruiseable.

For 2013 the closure time is planned from

Begin: 2013 April 08th
End: 2013 April 24th

The 2013 dates are not finally confirmed, so I will keep you informed