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Meta: Not much happening here at the moment

You might be curious why the database is outdated and there seems nothing to be going on: The main season started, and I have not much free time at the moment. Below on the picture you can see how I try to work at the moment, but as you can imagine, it is not really efficient ..


Meta: New Category - Facts I didn't knew / FIDK

As the new season has just begun, I hereby announce a new category for articles:

The 'Facts I didn't knew' tag will refer to all the stuff I was asked by guests during a tour and where I was lacking a bit short on information. Due to the focus of Nuremberg tours, it will mainly contain World War 2 topics, medieval history and bavarian / franconian stuff.

Meta: Image Map

I created an image map for Geography / Countries. Now you can navigate from one country to another by just clicking somewhere within a nations borders - and don't have to go back to the Countries Index page any more. Of course this only works for european countries that are included in a cruise itinerary.


Meta: More content, pictures

Over the last few days a few things were added, so time for a new meta post:

* Interactive Map: Nice houses to indicate the size of a town instead of boring pins
* Country Index: A large european map + national maps for each country
* River Index: Maps and height profiles online
* A few deadlinks repaired and the navigation fixed



Meta: Google Maps and Gallery

I was busy the last two weeks:

* First change is a minor update of Interactive Map. Now it includes the rivers and canals (= the waterways) in the Netherlands and Belgium AND the Douro river in Spain and Portugal.

* Second modification is the new gallery.

Cities along the Douro are still missing, and I will publish a longer info text on the gallery module soon. As usual, work in progress ;)