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Accident: Danube blocked March 2012

The Danube is closed for ships in the vicinity of Deggendorf since sunday 25th of march 2012. A ship lost its barge, both are loaded with iron ore. Yesterday, most of the iron ore was loaded onto another barge, but the ship lots its two anchors, which have not been found yet. At least no one got injured.

WSV Announcement March 26th (PDF)
WSV Announcement March 27th (PDF)

Accident: Main Blocked / Rhine Ships collided

Quite a busy day.

Main blocked

This morning a cargo ship hit a wall next to an interstate bridge in the vicinity of Wertheim and is now blocking the Main river between Würzburg and Aschaffenburg. Pictures are available here. On some one can identify reporters from a federal tv station, I'll keep you informed and will post the film when it's put online.