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Viking Vienna enters lock on the Main Danube Canal

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It seems as if the lock workers are not going to go on strike again (at least not for this week). So in order to celebrate it, here is a nice photo set of a cruise ship entering one of the locks at Nuremberg. I took these pictures already a few days ago, but thought they would be fitting to celebrate the (momentarily) end of the strike. The first picture shows Eibach lock on the Main Danube Canal, far in the distance where the canal bends to the left is Nurembergs port for river cruise ships. The others are taken from a bridge next to the lower gate, facing the direction of the European Continental Water Divide.

See how the canal narrows down from 55m width at its surface to the 12m width of the lock.

The bow of the Viking Vienna river cruise ship from above while entering the lock chamber.

Tables, chairs and the sundeck railing stored flat on the sundeck due to low clearance height of the lower gate.

The cruise ships are usually 11.40m wide, the inner dimensions of the lock chamber is 180x12m - so just one foot space to the right and left.

As you can see there is acutally no need to put the tables and everything down, one can easily walk on the sundeck. Just routine I guess? To the left the gym of the ship.

The engine compartment. The Vienna is a "twin cruiser", seperate hotel section and a push boat to reduce vibrations and noise.

Last moment before the lower gate will start to close...

... which took about 3 minutes to put it down.