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A short FAQ covering problems and / or explaining app behaviour.

Question: I installed the iOS / Android App via the store, but it hung up, does not react. What's broken?
The first time you launch the app on your mobile device, it will sync with my server and build its database from scratch. During this process it is crucial to have a stable internet connection. So when you see the splash screen "Please be patient, the update may take a few minutes, do not put the app in the background"- BE PATIENT AND WAIT :) . Android syncs rather fast, on my iPhone 4s it takes up to three minutes. If the app can't build its database properly, it will freeze completely (showing empty menues and so forth). You may wonder why I decided to do it that way? Well, it allows me to update the app (adding cities, new maps, waterlevels..) without submitting the app to the stores again (and going through a few days review process). After the first init, you can stop the app without any issues any time you want.

So in case the app freezes completely: Delete the app from your mobile device, install it again and launch it while you have a stable internet connection.

Question: I interrupted a map download, now it is frozen.
Tap the red x in the corner, the data recieved so far are dropped. Then select and download the map again.Should be fixed with app version 1.3

Question: A river name is shown, but it has no stations?
If there are NO stations on a river reporting data for the last 30 days, all stations are dropped. Maybe we'll change this behaviour for the next version.

Question: A gauge station has no values?
Sometimes, stations do not send send data to their servers. In these cases the app just shows no data for Day X on Station Z. This might happen for a few stations every day. There are several reasons: The technical installation of a gauge station is broken (it's measurement device or the communication unit), or the national weather server publishing the data is down. My experience: probably 5 - 10 / 380 stations a day do not work properly all over Europe.

Question: An important part of a maps is missing, what can i do?
I tried to include as much as possible, but at some point I had to make a decision between details and large areas. However, should I have left out important areas, please email me with a detailed description whats missing. I will upload a new map as soon as possible.

Question: Downloading a map works, but its content seems to be broken
See above: Notify me via email, I will upload a new map asap.

Question: Downloading a map works, but when I open it, the device freezes
Try to zoom in by pinching 2 fingers on the screen. Background: The first tiles of every map are too small for the screen. You will notice - once you zoomed in - you can not zoom out to the first zoom level any more. Should be fixed with version 1.2

Question: Downloading Vienna / Budapest / Paris map freezes the whole app
I had a few emails asking why large map downloads crashed the app. It turned out, that these maps were all downloaded via 3G. In all cases the downloads worked flawless when using Wifi. If a map does crash the app, delete it, download it again.

Question: Some maps are lacking details or are inaccurate, whats wrong?
Openstreetmaps is a project by volunteers. I chose their data for 2 reasons: Easy to access and in the major european cities their maps are even more detailed as Google Maps or the native iOS / Google maps app. However it is still work in progress, and especially it does not provide that many details for villages in the rural countryside.

Question: How do I know if there are any new maps available?
The app does not have a push notifiy function. There are 2 easy ways to stay up to date: Follow me on twitter or check the blog for announcements

Question: How do I update maps?
There is no "reload" or "update" button, so you'll have to delete the map and reinstall it again.

Question: How can I delete maps?
iOS: Go to the maps screen, instead of tapping on a city name, sweep horizontally. A "delete button appears".
Android: Touch a map name, keep it pressed until "Delete" appears.

Question: How much data are transmitted every day?
Getting the daily data for all rivers takes about 100 kilobyte downstream and 15 kilobyte upstream. Not much when you are at home :) To prevent high costs due to data roaming when abroad, the default setting for the app is to download new data ONLY when connected via WiFi, not via 3G. If you want to change this, go to "Preferences" -> "Load data via 3G = yes" and you will get your data via 3G

Just in case you'll experience problems, the comments are closed due to spam. Please email me at If possible, give me a detailed report of your actions, your device and software version. I usually get in touch with you within 24 hours.