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Trip Report: Ingolstadt Audi Museum

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There are plenty of medieval cities in Bavaria, in order to do something "new" on their river cruises, Uniworld and Scenic Tours decided to offer tours to the Audi Museum at Ingolstadt. Uniworld starts their trip at Regensburg, while Scenic offers the excursion from Nuremberg. Both cities are about 100km / 60 miles away from Ingolstadt, so no matter with whom you are cruising, expect a bus trip of about 1.5h until you reach the museum. In my opinion the trip offered by Uniworld makes more sense: At Nuremberg most companies offer two options: A medieval (or regular) tour and another tour focusing on the Nazi past of Germany (covering the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and the IMT trials at Courtroom 600). By comparison, Regensburg 'only' has its middle ages. So I don't know why one would like to offer 3/1 options instead of 2/2. Furthermore a lot of Scenic tours do take place on a Monday, so these groups can't shop on Sunday (at Bamberg or Regensburg) nor on Monday if they go to Ingolstadt. But, as I was escorting a Scenic group at the end of March, let me give you an idea what to expect on this tour.

This tour is for automobile enthusiasts and people how want to learn a bit about transportation in today's Germany. The town of Ingolstadt has a beautiful city center, but you are not going to see any of it (so I don't know, if Uniworld differs here). The bus goes straight to the Audi factory. After arrival, you are first going to have some free time. This sounds unusual, but due to traffic one does not really exactly the arrival time at Audi. In case of traffic jams, the leisure time will buffer delays to some degree. The Audi factory there has a great cafeteria (try the chocolate muffins) and they pay attention to the details, like chocolate sprinkled like the company brand on your latte macchiato. Or you'll go to the area (next to the cafe) where happy Germans get their brand new Audi car straight from the assembly line. But, there is one downside: Audi Ingolstadt mainly produces station wagons, not the sport cars. Still, a lot of happy faces are waiting for your camera. ;)

Once the tour starts, you'll get to see some really beautifully (and fully functional) vintage cars, motorbikes and bicycles from 1903 until today. Furthermore, they have some stations in the exhibition where you can try out stuff (like the climbing rate of 4 wheel vs. back wheel vs. front wheel). Our tour guide focused on the major changes at the begin of car development until the great depression. So you are going to learn why it makes more sense to have the steering wheel on the left side if you drive on the right. How cars developed from chariots and so on.

Let me tell you, even as I do not even own a car, it was time well spend. This tour is a considerable option if you have seen enough ABCs.