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Space between ships when double docking

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Over the last few years we saw a tremendous rise in river cruises. The river cruise database contains now 300 ships (including those listed for 2015). Nearly 100 of them have been built since 2010. So over the last few year, one thing became apparant: It is much simpler (and faster) to build new ships than to enlarge ports and docking areas. This means, ships start to raft, double dock one to another. This is something neither the ship captains or the cruise lines can control, as they docks are organized by local port authorities.

I stated all of this earlier in another post, if it would make sense to book a particular side of a river cruise ship. But now I was able to get a snapshot while getting from one ship to another.

As you can see there is not really much space in between, only about 40 - 60 cm / 2ft between both ships. So any kind of balcony (full or french) on your river cruise ship will turn useless.