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Scenic River Stretches 4: The Camargue

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One part of the river cruise experience is that you just unpack once and your hotel brings you to another quaint town every day. But there is more, the beautiful stretches of the rivers you'll pass on your way. Therefore let's have a look on the few natural sights hiding in my database. In the last entry we dealt with the Wachau Valley, this posting deals with the Camargue.

The Camargue - the Rhone Delta

Downstream of Arles the Rhone river splits up in the Great Rhone (French: Grand Rhône) and the Little Rhone (Petit Rhône). These two brances constitute the Rhone Delta.

This time we cover a flat wide area defined by a river instead of another narrow valley. The Camargue is the second largest river delta in Europe, and the largest in Western Europe. In the 19th century the Rhone river was heavily regulated and made shipable by dams and locks. Still, with every spring flood the river transports thousands of tons of mud to its mouth, constantly reshaping the Camargue.

The marshy grasslands are a paradise for birds (like flamingos on the photo) and other animals. Did you know there are indigenous Camargue horse and cattlle breeds? If you decide to cruise the Camargue, better bring you binoculars.

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Picture: Wikipedia / Creative Commons