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River Map Summary
Cruise from Paris to Normandy and back.

The Seine flows through the political and economical heartland of France down to Normandy. Therefore you'll pass a lot of castles, but heavy industry as well. Paris owned the source of the Seine in the 19th century, but the city lost its interst in that parcel of land. Since 1991 the banks of the Seine in Paris are on the UNESCO WHC list.

The source of the Seine river is in Burgundy, it flows through northern France and is the second longest river in France. It flows through. As you can see on the height profile, the river's elevation is not very steep, therefore it's meanders are quite unusual. At Paris the average depth of the Seine is about 9m / 27ft, and due to a system of locks ocean going vessels can go as far upstream as Rouen - 120km / 80 miles away from its mouth.

Total of 34 locks. 5 between Paris and Honfleur where the Seine discharges into the North Sea. All other locks are upstream of Paris. As you do a circle cruise from Paris down to the mouth of the the river and back up to the capital, you'll pass them all twice. The Seine does have tidal bores as far upstream as Rouen.

Cruise it
The 'interesting' stretch of the Seine is not really long, from Paris to Honfleur is about 300km / 240miles on the river. Usually cruises along the Seine river go from Paris via Normandy back to Paris. That means you will see the same stretch of the river twice. But it is worth it, as you travel through the political and cultural center of France to the Landing Beaches. Another possibility would be a two weeks cruise, where you cruise the Seine for a week, then transfer from Paris down to southern France and spend another week on the Saone and Rhone rivers.
Additional Facts
Altitude Profile
Geographical Facts
Length 776 km / 483 mil
Length Airline 407 km / 253 mil
GPS Source 47°30'2.16"N, 4°42'14.84"E
Source Elevation 471 m / 1 545 feet
Mouth Elevation 0 m / 0 feet
GPS Mouth 49°26'10.62"N, 0° 3'45.33"E
Basin Area 78 650 km² / 30 359 mil²
Average Discarge 500 m³/s / 17 657 ft³/s
Waters IntoSeine - The Channel
Runs through countries

Upstream KMStation NameYesterday Average
679.00 Quemigny-sur-Seine NA
676.00 Nod-sur-Seine NA
622.00 Plaines-St-Langes NA
602.00 Bar-sur-Seine NA
593.00 Courtenot NA
564.00 Troyes (Foicy) NA
557.00 Troyes (Tauxelles) NA
531.00 Mery-sur-Seine NA
506.00 Pont-sur-Seine NA
474.00 Bazoches-Les-Bray NA
451.00 Montereau NA
443.00 St-Mammes NA
411.00 Melun NA
401.00 Ste-Assise NA
387.00 Corbeil-Essonnes NA
361.00 Alfortville NA
355.00 Paris Austerlitz NA
336.00 Suresnes NA
313.00 Chatou NA
281.00 Poissy NA
212.00 Vernon NA
161.00 Poses NA
150.00 Mantes NA
143.00 Elbeuf NA
122.00 Rouen NA
103.00 La Bouille NA
88.00 Duclair NA
56.00 Caudebec NA
29.00 Tancarville NA