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River Map Summary
The river meanders between ancient remains, wine and medieval castles.

An important trade route from former gallic areas towards the Rhine. Trier at the Moselle is the oldest german city, its roman remains date back to the year BC 16 and are on the UNECO WHC list. The castles along the lower Moselle indicate its importance during the middle ages. Today it is the second most important river for commercial shipping in Germany.

The Upper Moselle flows from the source in France to Konz, where the Saar River discharges into the Moselle. The distinction between Middle and Lower Moselle is not really important; both segments of the river have the same charateristic - meander and wine terraces.

Total of 28 locks. Cruises usually disembark at Remich (Luxembourg), so only 12 locks are passed on a Moselle cruise.

Cruise it
Vineyards mean steep hills, quaint villages along the river with castles on the hills. Basically you can see the Moselle as an extended version of the Rhine Gorge stretch. Cruises along the Moselle usually include Trier and an excursion to Luxembourg. Cruise itineraries that include Paris go via Metz and it's TGV train station. There is no cruise in the database that goes further up the Moselle as Remich.
Additional Facts
Altitude Profile
Geographical Facts
Length 545 km / 339 mil
Length Airline 278 km / 173 mil
GPS Source 47°53'20.88"N, 6°53'8.80"E
Source Elevation 715 m / 2 346 feet
Mouth Elevation 63 m / 207 feet
GPS Mouth 50°21'54.95"N, 7°36'20.80"E
Basin Area 28 286 km² / 10 918 mil²
Average Discarge 315 m³/s / 11 124 ft³/s
Waters IntoMoselle - Rhine - North Sea
Runs through countries
France - Germany

Upstream KMStation NameYesterday Average
477.00 Remiremont NA
472.00 St-Nabord NA
444.00 Epinal NA
395.00 Tonnoy NA
382.00 Pont-St-Vincent NA
360.00 Toul NA
333.00 Custines NA
289.00 Metz NA
267.00 Ückingen NA
241.80 Perl NA
229.44 Stadtbredimus UW NA
222.20 Wincheringen NA
212.50 Grevenmacher NA
195.30 Trier NA
185.94 Ruwer NA
123.40 Zeltingen UW NA
51.60 Cochem NA
1.91 Koblenz UP NA
1.30 Koblenz_Lützel_DFH NA