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River Map Summary

The most important tributary of the Elbe river. At the moment non cruiseable.
The Czech name Vltava & the German name Moldau are believed to originate from the ancient Germanic word for 'wild water'. As it is north of the Roman border, there are no anciend records on this river. It is well known for the symphony "Die Moldau" (The Vltava) by Bedrich Smetana.

It's official source is in the Bohemian Forest. If you want to visit the upper Vltava, you can take any cruise that goes to Cesky Krumlov. On it's way to the mouth at Melnik the river has a height difference of about 1000 metres. Upstream of Prague are several damns installed for hydropower. It is the longest river in the Czech Republic.
7 Locks that matter as they are between Melnik where the Vltava discharges into the Elbe and Prague. More locks are upstream of Prague but no cruise goes there. Most cruises along the Elbe end (or start) at Bad Schandau on the german side of the border and transfer to Prague by bus. Even if they go further upstream, they usually disembark at Melnik. So it is very likely you'll never experience these locks.

Cruise it
At least for the 2013 & 2014 seasons are no cruise who goes the last few miles on the lower Vltava. All cruises on the Elbe disembark at Melnik or even further downstream on the German side of the border.
Additional Facts
Altitude Profile
Geographical Facts
Length 430 km / 268 mil
Length Airline 170 km / 106 mil
GPS Source 48°52'9.30"N, 13°53'28.94"E
Source Elevation 1172 m / 3 845 feet
Mouth Elevation 155 m / 509 feet
GPS Mouth 50°20'55.21"N, 14°28'18.53"E
Basin Area 28 090 km² / 10 843 mil²
Average Discarge 150 m³/s / 5 297 ft³/s
Waters IntoVltava - Elbe - North Sea
Runs through countries
Czech Republic
Cruise Line Cruise Name Days Total

Upstream KMStation NameYesterday Average
59.00 Praha - Chuchle NA
49.00 Praha - Na Františku NA