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River Map Summary
Most important river in Western Europe.

The Roman border (the limes) was largely formed by the Rhine and the Danube rivers. Still today the Rhine forms the border between Germany and France close to Switzerland.

The Upper Rhine starts in alps in Switzerland, at the confluence of Vorder- and Hinterrhein. It waters into the Lake Constance before it flows as Hochrhein via Basel through the Upper Rhine Valley. So far the Rhine formed the borders between Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, then the Swiss - German border and the German - French border with Alsace on the left and the Black Forest on its right river bank.
Close to Mainz (Mayence), the Main river joins the Rhine. Between Bingen and Koblenz, the Rhine flows through the scenic Rhine Gorge. This stretch of the river is known for its many quaint and lovely country villages, castles guarding the river and vineyards. It is a UNESCO WHC site - "the Romantic Rhine". At Koblenz the Moselle joins the Rhine, before the Middle Rhine flows via the industrial Ruhr Area to the Netherlands.
The last part of the Rhine is called the Lower Rhine (or Nederrijn). Most of its water joins the Waal, the Meuse and the Merwede before it flows through the Hollands Diep and Haringvliet estuaries into the North Sea. Only one third of the Rhine water flows as Rijn past Rotterdam.

Locks Total of 12 locks. 2 are upstream of Basel, while the other are along the Upper Rhine Valley from Basel downstream to Rastatt. All of the 12 locks are upstream of the mouth of the Main river.

Cruise it
Good news first: Though there are plenty of variations when cruising the Rhine, only two of them will not pass the Rhine Gorge. If you want to see that scenic valley, avoid cruises that go from the Moselle river downstream to Cologne (or further to Amsterdam). Your second chance to miss the Rhine Gorge are those cruises that start in Basel and enter the Main river at Mainz. But those are rather theoretical options, as most cruise operators know about the beauty of the natural sight. Every other cruise along the Rhine will pass through the Rhine Gorge. A one week cruise on the Rhine usually goes all the way up / or down from Switzerland to the Netherlands. Or, as mentioned above, you can just cruise a short stretch of the Rhine and set over to the Danube river system.

When selecting your cruise, along the Rhine, you might want to keep in mind, that most western german cities along the Rhine had been heavily bombed in World War 2. But on the other hand, you are going to see famous relicts as the pillars of the Remagen bridge.
Additional Facts
Altitude Profile
Geographical Facts
Length 1 223 km / 760 mil
Length Airline 691 km / 430 mil
GPS Source 46°49'24.19"N, 9°24'27.84"E
Source Elevation 596 m / 1 955 feet
Mouth Elevation 0 m / 0 feet
GPS Mouth 51° 58′ 54″ N, 4° 4′ 50″ E
Basin Area 185 000 km² / 71 410 mil²
Average Discarge 2 300 m³/s / 81 223 ft³/s
Waters IntoRhine - North Sea
Runs through countries
Switzerland - Liechtenstein - Austria - France - Germany - The Netherlands
Cruise Line Cruise Name Days Total
A-RosaExploring German Christmas Markets9
Historic Cities11
Panoramic Adventures10
Panoramic Rhine Northbound8
Panoramic Rhine Southbound8
Rhine North & South10
Rhine North Tulips8
The Enchanting Rhine9
Ama WaterwaysChristmas on the Rhine13
Europes Rivers & Castles14
Magnificent Europe16
Magnificent Europe (Christmas Cruise)16
North Sea to the Black Sea27
The Enchanting Rhine13
Treasures of the Main & Rhine11
Ultimate River Cruise21
Vineyards of the Rhine & Mosel12
Avalon WaterwaysCanals Vineyards Paris 201510
Central European Experience 201412
Central European Experience 201512
Christmastime in Alsace & Germany5
Christmastime in Germany12
European Splendor13
Grand Christmastime Cruise16
Highlights of Germany13
Jewels of Central Europe: Budapest to Paris19
Jewels of Central Europe: Budapest to Paris 201519
Jewels of Central Europe: Paris to Budapest17
Jewels of Central Europe: Paris to Budapest 201517
Magnificent Europe15
North Sea - Black Sea Cruise24
Rhine & Rhone Revealed16
Romantic Rhine8
The Rhine & Moselle13
The Upper Rhine to the City of Music12
Windmills, Vineyards & Paris10
Emerald WaterwaysChristmas Markets for Europe15
Magical Rhine & Moselle12
Splendours of Europe15
Grand Circle TravelChristmas Markets along the Rhine11
Grand European Cruise28
Romance of the Rhine & Mosel16
The Great Rivers of Europe16
Lueftner CruisesAcross Europe15
Christmas Cruise on the Rhine7
Classical Music on the Rhine8
Classical Rhine Cruise8
Magic of Advent - Northern Rhine Route4
Magic of Advent on the Rhine5
New Year's Eve Cruise on the Rhine8
Short Cruise Cologne - Amsterdam4
Three River Cruise8
Scenic ToursGrand Europe24
Highlights of the Rhine8
Jewels of Europe15
Magnificent Rhine and Rhone15
Romantic Rhine & Moselle15
TauckAmsterdam to Budapest15
Christmas Markets along the Rhine8
Grand European Cruise24
The Rhine and Moselle13
The Romantic Rhine: Basel to Amsterdam8
Uniworld Boutique River CruisesCastles along the Rhine8
European Jewels15
European Serenade14
Grand European Discovery15
Grand European Highlights22
Grand European River Voyage27
Legendary Rhine & Moselle13
Paris & the Heart of Europe18
Rhine Discovery & Prague10
Rhine Holiday Markets8
Springtime Tulips & the Rhine8
Vantage Deluxe World TravelChristmas on the Rhine & Main Rivers13
Grand European River Cruise: Rhine Valley to the Black Sea26
Holiday Markets Along the Rhine & Main Rivers10
Majestic Rivers of Europe: Castles, Cathedrals & Fairytales15
Switzerland & the Heart of the Rhine & Moselle15
Treasures of the Rhine & Main Rivers15
Viking River CruisesCities of Light12
European Sojourn23
Grand European Tour15
Grand Rivers of Europe22
Rhine Getaway8
Rhine Rhapsody10
River of History8
Vineyards & Vistas8

Upstream KMStation NameYesterday Average
1181.00 Konstanz NA
1020.00 Basel NA
834.80 Rheinweiler NA
793.50 Breisach NA
728.80 Kehl Kronenhof NA
684.80 Iffezheim NA
680.80 Plittersdorf NA
658.67 Maxau NA
620.40 Speyer NA
596.27 Mannheim NA
577.60 Worms NA
559.30 Gernsheim NA
540.40 Nierstein-Oppenheim NA
522.73 Mainz NA
502.92 Oestrich NA
492.64 Bingen NA
474.70 Kaub NA
464.60 St.Goar NA
441.02 Braubach NA
429.51 Koblenz NA
412.96 Neuwied Stadt NA
407.20 Andernach NA
382.80 Oberwinter NA
366.20 Bonn NA
333.00 Köln NA
276.80 Düsseldorf NA
240.20 Ruhrort NA
207.00 Wesel NA
186.60 Rees NA
169.10 Emmerich NA
150.00 Lobith NA
140.00 Pannerdense Kop NA