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...or you're just part of the landscape

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Well, as long as you take any river cruise on the Rhine that goes via Düsseldorf you will be part of a very expensive landscape. In fact the most expensive landscape ever photographed.

gursky rhine ii picture

"a dramatic and profound reflection on human existence and our relationship to nature on the cusp of the 21st century"

Andreas Gursky

Since November 8th, 2011 every river cruise on the route Amsterdam - Cologne - Basel passes the most expensive photo motive. On that Tuesday, Andreas Gursky sold a copy of his work Rhine II / Rhein II (Rhine 2 / Rhein 2) for $ 4.300.000 . Well, one may claim, for actually quite a boring motive. Florence Waters explains why it isn't - while Matt Kiebus thinks otherwise.

Anyway, the picture sold for quite a lot of anything and the buyer got the copy on 350cm x 200cm (140in x 80in). Granted that you have that much money for one picture, you should have enough space, shouldn't you? Despite all my google magic I was not able to figure out, how much the other buyer had to put on the table. But if you want to see one of the other 4 (out of 6) prints that are available for the public to be enjoyed: Check out the MoMA in New York, the Glenstone Collection in Potomac, or plan in some free time on any cruise that goes via Munich (Pinakothek der Moderne) or London (Tate Modern). Still, it is more enjoyable to pass it on a cruise.

Note: I'm not sure about the copyright for the image. But as long as you can easily find the picture up to a solution of 4000x2240 pixel, I assume it is not the biggest problem around the web that I use this small version for documentational purposes only.