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Uniworld Boutique River Cruises

Cruise Name Countries Rivers Season Days Total
Bordeaux, Vineyards & ChateauxFranceDordogne, Garonne, Gironde Estuary2014, 20158 days
Burgundy & ProvenceFranceRhone, Saone2013, 2014, 20158 days
Burgundy & Provence Family ProgramFranceRhone, Saone20138 days
Castles along the RhineFrance, Germany, Switzerland, The NetherlandsRhine2013, 2014, 20158 days
Classic Christmas MarketsGermanyMain, Main Danube Canal2013, 2014, 20158 days
Classic Christmas Markets Family ProgramGermanyMain, Main Danube Canal20138 days
Danube Discovery & PragueAustria, Czech Republic, GermanyDanube, Main Danube Canal2013, 2014, 201510 days
Danube Holiday MarketsAustria, Germany, Hungary, SlovakiaDanube2013, 2014, 20158 days
Delightful Danube & PragueAustria, Czech Republic, Germany, HungaryDanube, Main Danube Canal201510 days
Eastern Europe ExplorerBulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, SerbiaDanube201510 days
Enchanting Christmas & New Year's CruiseAustria, Germany, Hungary, SlovakiaDanube2013, 2014, 201511 days
Enchanting DanubeAustria, Germany, HungaryDanube2013, 2014, 20158 days
European Holiday MarketsAustria, GermanyDanube, Main Danube Canal2013, 2014, 20158 days
European JewelsAustria, Germany, Hungary, The NetherlandsDanube, Main, Main Danube Canal, Rhine2013, 2014, 201515 days
European SerenadeAustria, Germany, The NetherlandsDanube, Main, Main Danube Canal, Rhine2013, 2014, 201514 days
Grand Christmas & New Year's CruiseAustria, Germany, HungaryDanube, Main Danube Canal2013, 2014, 201513 days
Grand Danube & PragueAustria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, SlovakiaDanube, Main Danube Canal201317 days
Grand European DiscoveryAustria, France, Germany, SwitzerlandDanube, Main, Main Danube Canal, Rhine2013, 2014, 201515 days
Grand European ExplorerAustria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, SerbiaDanube, Main Danube Canal201519 days
Grand European HighlightsAustria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, SwitzerlandDanube, Main, Main Danube Canal, Rhine201322 days
Grand European River VoyageAustria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, The Netherlands, TurkeyDanube, Main, Main Danube Canal, Rhine2013, 2014, 201529 days
Grand FranceFranceRhone, Saone, Seine2013, 2014, 201515 days
Highlights of Eastern EuropeAustria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, SlovakiaDanube20138 days
Holland & Belgium at Tulip TimeBelgium, The NetherlandsNetherlands & Belgium Waterways20158 days
Imperial Capitals of EuropeAustria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, TurkeyDanube2013, 2014, 201516 days
Jewels of Spain, Portugal & the Douro RiverPortugal, SpainDouro201513 days
Legendary Rhine & MoselleFrance, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, The NetherlandsMoselle, Rhine2013, 2014, 201513 days
Paris & NormandyFranceSeine2013, 2014, 20158 days
Paris & Normandy Family ProgramFranceSeine201310 days
Paris & the Heart of EuropeAustria, France, GermanyDanube, Main, Main Danube Canal, Moselle, Rhine201318 days
Parisian HolidayFranceSeine2013, 2014, 20158 days
Portrait of Majestic FranceFranceDordogne, Garonne, Gironde Estuary, Seine2014, 201515 days
Portugal, Spain & the Douro River ValleyPortugal, SpainDouro2013, 2014, 201511 days
Rhine Discovery & PragueCzech Republic, France, Germany, SwitzerlandMain, Main Danube Canal, Rhine2013, 2014, 201510 days
Rhine Holiday MarketsFrance, Germany, SwitzerlandRhine2013, 2014, 20158 days
Splendors of Northern Italy, Venice, Florence & RomeItalyPo River2013, 2014, 201513 days
Springtime Tulips & the RhineGermany, The NetherlandsNetherlands & Belgium Waterways, Rhine2013, 20148 days
Tulips & WindmillsBelgium, The NetherlandsNetherlands & Belgium Waterways2013, 2014, 201510 days
Ultimate Grand FranceFranceDordogne, Garonne, Gironde Estuary, Rhone, Saone, Seine201522 days
Venice & the Gems of Northern ItalyItalyPo River2013, 2014, 20158 days
Ship Name Build Pax Rivers this season Rivers next season
Queen Isabel 2013 118
River Ambassador 1993 120
River Baroness 1994 120
River Beatrice 2007 162
River Countess 2003 134
River Duchess 2003 134
River Empress 2002 138
River Princess 2001 138
River Queen 1999 132
River Royale 2006 132
SS Antoinette 2011 164
SS Catherine 2014 159
Uniworld Boutique River Cruises - Danube Discovery & Prague - River Ambassador
Vienna-Prague 2014
Complete Rating:
7.7 / 10
Cruiseline Rating:
8.0 / 10
Itinerary Rating:
6.4 / 10
Ship Rating:
8.8 / 10
Summary: Outstanding. Exceeded all my expectations.
Author: Karen
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