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Accident: Avalon Panorama hit bridge

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Yesterday (May 16th 2012) the Avalon Panorama hit a road bridge while it was on its way from Bamberg to Nuremberg. According to sources, the captain did not lower the wheelhouse, while passing a bridge. The damage of wheelhouse and the ships superstructure is est. € 20.000 / $ 25.000, the bridges substructure repair costs are not estimated yet. German authorities ordered the ship to halt at the lock until the wheelhouse has been repaired. You can see how the remove the damaged wheelhouse with a crane on some of the picture sets. Fortunately, neighter the captain, nor one of the 157 (other sources mention 200 or even 210 passengers, but the official PAX is 168) passengers was injured.

On the pictures you can not see the ships name, but see the ENI number 02333460 on the wheelhouse.

Google Translate of German Newspaper: NN-Online

Google Translate of German Newspaper: NN-Online

Google Translate of Website: Infranken

Google Translate of Bavarian TV Station: BR Online

In total this is the fourth accident of an Avalon ship on this route: Last season in September 2011 Avalon Tranquility collided with a barge on the Danube at Deggendorf. The same ship had hit the DS Schönbrunn at Linz in 2009. And just 4 miles away from the Panorama accident the Imagery had hit the wall of Hausen lock in autumn 2010.