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Accident: Amadeus Silver hit lock at Kostheim

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Last Friday (July 19th) the brand new Amadeus Silver (built 2013) hit a bridge at Kostheim lock on the Main river. Kostheim is the last lock downstream at the Main river before the confluence at Mainz. Guests were not harmed as they had left the ship at Frankfurt for their excursion. The cause for this accident seems to be a misunderstanding and communicational problem of the ships staff.

When the ship entered the lock chamber, the staff lowered the wheelhouse in order to pass the little bridge. As someone else forgot papers in the wheelhouse they raised it again. While steering the ship into the lock the staff did not notice, that they did not have the proper clearance height any more. According to witnesses, they lacked around 20cm only. So the ship hit the bridge with its wheel house.

Damage at the lock bridge is estimated to be around 20.000€, the damage at the ship is unknown. The Amadeus Silver was provisionally repaired at the lock but had to go to the next dock in order to finish the repairs of the wheelhouse. The report does not tell what happend to the passengers after the accident, as their ship was not able to finish the cruise.

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