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Amadagio shipped to the Rhone

I did a lot of picture research the last few days for the balconies article, as I just wanted to make sure I did not miss any window type that was not in my own database. When I came across an article about the AmaDagio send to the Rhone river, I was not surprised how they did it. Same procedure as what I have written when Uniworlds Countess went to Italy.

Windows and Balconies

Over the last few years, there was quite a large shift in river cruising. Especially if you have a look at the ships, the modern ships built over the last decade have not much to do with the older river cruise ship veterans. Much more glass at the fascade, open areas and space. While most people do have a pretty good idead what the difference is between a window and a balcony. But can you name the difference between a twin balcony and a combined balcony?


Should I book a particular side of a ship?

When booking a cruise there are many factors to take into consideration. You have to figure out, which cities you want to visit, the month you want to go to Europe, to pick a cruise line, and much more.

In the hydrology and watersheds article I explained why the cruise direction does not play a role if you are concerned about the weather. So lets continue with another thing you should not really waste your time on. Which side of the board should your cabin be on.

Meta: Not much happening here at the moment

You might be curious why the database is outdated and there seems nothing to be going on: The main season started, and I have not much free time at the moment. Below on the picture you can see how I try to work at the moment, but as you can imagine, it is not really efficient ..


Lock Closure on the Moselle

From today on, the locks Locks from Trier to Koblenz on the Moselle river are closed due to maintainance. It became necessary to replace several lock gates or to improve the concrete structure of the locks.

WSV Announcement June 12th (PDF)
WSV Announcement June 6th (PDF)

Begin: 2012 June 12th
End: 2012 June 19th

During this time, the Moselle river is not shipable, so all cruises from Remich down to Koblenz are affected.

Audio Headsets on Tour

Most cruise operators use audio headsets today. The biggest advantage they offer is, they amplify the voice of your guide (despite noisy surroundings). Maybe even more important this technology allows you to wander off during the tour, take a few more pictures, and you won't miss any information. From a guides perspective the biggest advantage is the possibility to talk while you walk. And it is easier to call your group to assemble even if they are a bit away.