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...or you're just part of the landscape

Well, as long as you take any river cruise on the Rhine that goes via Düsseldorf you will be part of a very expensive landscape. In fact the most expensive landscape ever photographed.

Meta: Google Maps and Gallery

I was busy the last two weeks:

* First change is a minor update of Interactive Map. Now it includes the rivers and canals (= the waterways) in the Netherlands and Belgium AND the Douro river in Spain and Portugal.

* Second modification is the new gallery.

Cities along the Douro are still missing, and I will publish a longer info text on the gallery module soon. As usual, work in progress ;)


Meta: Menu change & Google Maps API v3

In order to reduce the number of third party applications you need to read everything, I combined my river cruise overlay with google maps v3. So you don't need Google Earth any more, but can see every western european port of call at the Danube, Main, Rhine, Moselle, Saar, Seine Saone or Rhone here: Link to map.


News coverage Danube & Rhine during the drought

While the last season of river cruising (2010) was mainly dominated by the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull vulcano, the topic of 2011 were the extremly low water levels in western europe. The Danube river had a 200 years low in Hungary, and 45.000 citizens of the german city of Koblenz had to be evacuated in order to defuse an air mine (also named 'Block Buster' due the 1.8tons weight) from World War 2.


List of Waterlevels in Europe

UPDATE: This list is fairly outdated. The easiest way to check waterlevels is this: Click a river, then the Tab "Waterlevels". Or you click on the Overview and select a river :)