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Meta: New Category - Facts I didn't knew / FIDK

As the new season has just begun, I hereby announce a new category for articles:

The 'Facts I didn't knew' tag will refer to all the stuff I was asked by guests during a tour and where I was lacking a bit short on information. Due to the focus of Nuremberg tours, it will mainly contain World War 2 topics, medieval history and bavarian / franconian stuff.

Hydrology and European Watersheds

There are a lot of concerns about the river levels since last years drought. I can see this due to the web site statistics. And it is an important questions for a lot of people in river cruise forums. People interested in cruising Europe want to know the the water level for a particular month, and are sometimes really disappointed when they learn that it is too hard to say. WHY is it so hard to predict the river levels? Therefore I try to provide some background information on watersheds, river courses and the main areas where the cruiseable rivers in Europe draw their water from.

Winter is over

It's just a few days until the new season starts. According to German authorities all rivers are shipable again. There might be a few ice blocks close to locks, but this is not a major problem. And though river levels are rising due to melting ice and snow, there is no threat of high water levels at the moment.

Pirates on the lower Danube

To be informed about the situation on the Europe's rivers, I enrolled on all different kind of news aggregators. I thought this would be a good way to keep you up to date about the waterlevels on the Danube or other interesting events for river cruises in Eastern Europe. So I was quite puzzled when among the first news in my mailbox around mid Janurary 2012 were articles about pirates on the Danube river.

Danube frozen over #2

Yesterday I have updated the danube frozen over article and mentioned the damaged ships on lower Danube. So here is my picture of the day:

Meta: Image Map

I created an image map for Geography / Countries. Now you can navigate from one country to another by just clicking somewhere within a nations borders - and don't have to go back to the Countries Index page any more. Of course this only works for european countries that are included in a cruise itinerary.