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A few words about me...
Since I can remember, I had a great interest in personal computers and technology. My first contact was not the obligatory C64 but playing Frogger on an 80086 IBM with black & white display. Then, my parents bought an 80286er with a super fast 12MHz CPU. some_text At the age of 13, a friend of mine got a 14.4k modem - the first time I was online on one of the Bulletin Board System (BBS). Due to other interests (and because I was a bit lazy doing my math homework at senior high), I decided to study humanities instead of computer science. I graduated with a master's degree in sociology, philosophy and history at the University of Erlangen - Nuremberg. As a student I started working as a local tour guide for Geschichte für Alle e.V. (History for Everybody) in Nuremberg.

If you are cruising via Nuremberg in 2012 with AMA Waterways, APT, Evergreen, Grand Circle, Page & Moy, Scenic, Vantage, Viking or Uniworld I might be your tour guide.

The idea for this website...
Last season I noticed a lot of questions which guests asked me over and over again. So I chatted with a friend and former colleague of mine and we thought that it would be great to create some database where all these specific information regarding river cruises could be stored. Well, actually I thought that something like this would already exist on the internet. But after intense research it turned out that there was really no compendium which provided these data. Sure, there are a lot of websites dealing with river cruises. There are travel agents and cruise line websites which provide information on ships and cruise itineraries. Moreover, Wikipedia and other sites give background information. But there was not even one site combining everything: all cruise lines, a full tech sheet of their ships and the necessary background information about countries, cities and rivers.

If you browse at the moment, you will not find long elaborate texts about the history of the Rhine or Danube rivers. Instead,I have a different approach: I want to make it as simple as possible for you to find the one cruise that suites you best. Furthermore, I want to give you a starting point for your own background research about the area you are going to visit.